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Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Smile

April 20, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — tntadmin @ 7:17 pm

When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade, but be sure to brush your teeth and rinse with water after because acidity wears away at the enamel. When life is really throwing you lemons, dental hygiene might not be the first thing to come to mind with all the other problems in the way. But maintaining good oral health will ensure that you don’t run into bigger problems later on and ensuring less trips to the emergency dentist.

How To Get A Beautiful Smile

Health and beauty really do go hand in hand. If you want a beautiful smile, you must do your best to maintain good dental hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Your dental health is affected by many factors. Improving your overall health will have a positive impact on your dental health as well, and vice versa, maintaining bad habits will negatively impact your dental health. If you want to keep a beautiful smile all day long, all year long, and for a lifetime, follow these helpful guidelines:


·       Improve Your Oral Health Through Diet

Diet has a crucial role in almost every facet of health. Bad foods can cause weight gain, skin conditions, fatigue, and a consistently bad diet can also negatively impact your mental health. Foods that contain too much sugar or oil are not doing your teeth or your body any good. Conversely, foods rich in nutrients like green veggies and lean proteins strengthen the body and the immune system, giving your gums and teeth the strength they need to stay healthy.


·       Exercise Regularly

It’s the one thing that you probably hear from your doctor far too often. Regular exercise improves overall health, but it also improves circulation, which is great for the gums. Treating your body well from head to toe, inside and out, will really make a difference all around. Gum disease is less prevalent in individuals who maintain a normal BMI and exercise regularly. The body is a system whose individual parts only work their best when the entire body is treated well.


·       Floss Daily

Floss gets rid of the plaque that builds between the teeth, the stuff that a toothbrush can’t quite reach. Flossing everyday helps to prevent gingivitis and tooth decay. When plaque and tartar builds up under the gum lines it can cause periodontal disease, a painful and preventable condition that can lead to irreversible damage and tooth loss. Make flossing a daily habit and you’ll maintain a beautiful smile for years to come.


·       See Your Hygienist Twice Yearly

Getting a thorough cleaning from a dental hygienist twice a year promotes good oral health. Dental hygienists will remove any built up plaque or tartar that you might not have removed, and they will also examine the mouth for signs of cavities or other health conditions that manifest in the mouth. If you neglect to see your hygienist, you could develop periodontal disease.


·       Brush Twice a Day

It might seem redundant, but brushing twice a day is essential to preventing plaque build-up. If you only brush in the morning, you’ve got 23 hours’ worth of plaque building in your gums, eventually hardening into tartar. Brushing at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, ensure that plaque is removed before it gets a chance to build and harden under the gum line. Brushing more frequently will also keep teeth whiter.

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