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Dental Bridges – Gorham, ME

The Trusted Tooth Replacement Solution

Whether you’re missing one or several teeth along an arch, this issue can open the door for other problems to arise, such as dental misalignment and an increased risk of cavities and gum disease. Instead of accepting that there’s nothing you can do to restore the function and appearance of your smile, call us to schedule a tooth replacement consultation today! Our dentist in Gorham is dedicated to providing you with beautiful, high-quality dental bridges to provide you with a completely revitalized grin.

Why Choose Morgan-Hill Dental Care For Dental Bridges?

  • High-Quality Dental Materials Used
  • Experienced Restorative Dentists
  • CEREC Digital Impression System

What is a Dental Bridge?  

a dental bridge on a clay model of a mouth

A dental bridge is a custom-crafted restoration that can replace one or more consecutive missing teeth in an arch. The prosthetic is comprised of two dental crowns secured to either side of free-standing replacement teeth, called pontics. The crowns are secured to your natural teeth located on either side of the gap in your smile, holding the bridge in place and completing your arch of teeth. With the proper maintenance, dental bridges can last for anywhere from five to 15 years.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

a porcelain dental bridge sitting in front of a black background

Replacing missing teeth is crucial in order to preserve your oral health. When you get a dental bridge, you can enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Prevent surrounding teeth from drifting into misalignment.
  • Enhance your speaking and chewing abilities.
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • Maintain your facial structure.
  • Restores the complete look and feel of your smile.
  • Helps combat the threat of additional tooth loss.

To learn more about how dental bridges in Gorham could benefit your quality of life and oral health, schedule an appointment with our team at Morgan-Hill Dental Care today!

The Process of Getting a Dental Bridge

a store manager taking inventory of sweatshirts and holding a computer tablet and smiling

When you come into our office to get a dental bridge, it will likely take place over the course of two appointments. First, we will prepare the teeth that the crown-portion of your bridge will be placed on. Then, we’ll capture a digital impression of the area that we’ll use to create a blueprint of your dental prosthetic with. All of our specifications will be sent to our laboratory to craft your crown. Once we receive it, we’ll call you back in to permanently cement it and complete your arch.

Dental Bridges FAQs

illustration of dental bridges in Gorham

Tooth loss can affect more than just your appearance – it can impact your quality of life as well. Fortunately, you no longer have to live with gaps in your smile. At Morgan-Hill Dental Care, we offer dental bridges to replace your missing teeth. Even though they are a trusted tooth-replacement solution, it’s understandable to have some questions before committing. Below, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions from patients about dental bridges in Gorham. If you don’t see your question, be sure to contact our team.

How Long Should a Dental Bridge Last?

Dental bridges typically last 5-15 years. The longevity of yours depends on a few factors like the materials used, the location of the dental bridge in your mouth, and how well you care for your smile. To elaborate, high-quality porcelain will naturally last longer than cheaper alternatives that are a short-term solution at best. The location matters as well since dental bridges toward the back of your mouth withstand a lot more pressure from chewing. And, of course, your oral hygiene routine will impact the condition of your teeth, gums, and dental bridge.

Is Getting a Dental Bridge Painful?

Before your procedure, we’ll numb your teeth with a topical anesthetic to ensure you’re completely comfortable. After your teeth are prepared to support a dental bridge, they may feel slightly sensitive for the next few days. The good news is you can easily manage your discomfort by taking over-the-counter pain medication as needed. If you’re receiving an implant bridge, you may experience mild soreness after your oral surgery. However, diligently following your aftercare instructions will help keep your pain to a minimum.

Can You Take a Dental Bridge Out?

No, since dental bridges are designed to stay in your mouth for years after they’ve been placed. You shouldn’t be able to take the restoration out by yourself – only our dentists can do that. While you may have heard partial dentures referred to as “removable bridges,” that’s not accurate. One of the most notable differences between partials and bridges is that partials can be removed at any time.

How Many Teeth Can a Dental Bridge Replace?

Dental bridges can replace a single missing tooth or several in a row. As a result, they are ideal for patients who are missing 1-4 teeth. If you are unsure whether dental bridges are right for addressing your specific dental needs, then don’t hesitate to schedule a personal consultation with our dentist in Gorham – they will help you decide.