Dental Bonding Gorham

Correct Several Tiny Smile Flaws at Once

Man and woman in living room holding hands and smiling after dental bonding in Gorham

When you look at your reflection in the mirror, are your eyes drawn to the small imperfections in your smile? Maybe you have a noticeable chip or stain on a couple of teeth, or a distracting gap between two teeth. It’s enough to detract from the overall beauty of your smile, but not enough to warrant extensive cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneers. At Morgan-Hill Dental Care, we offer a treatment that can correct several tiny smile flaws at once – dental bonding. If you’re interested in addressing just one aspect of your smile with this quick and affordable treatment, keep reading about dental bonding in Gorham below.

Why Choose Morgan-Hill Dental Care for Dental Bonding?

  • Highly Personalized Treatment for Each Patient
  • Address Multiple Smile Flaws in One Treatment
  • Results That Look Perfectly Natural

What Is Dental Bonding?

Close up of dental patient receiving dental bonding on upper front tooth

Dental bonding utilizes a material called composite resin, which is actually the same substance we use in tooth-colored fillings. As the name implies, composite resin can be matched to the exact shade of your existing enamel to create results that look perfectly natural. Unless someone was aware of your smile imperfections before treatment, no one should be able to tell you received dental bonding!

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Bonding?

Close up of mouth with a few chipped teeth

Virtually any patient with minor aesthetic flaws in their grin would make a good candidate for dental bonding. Some examples of patients who would benefit from bonding include those who:

  • Have adequate oral health, but whose smiles have been damaged by years of daily wear and tear
  • Have deep-set stains, whether they’re a result of fluorosis, tetracycline, enamel erosion, or the natural aging process
  • Want to close small gaps between teeth without undergoing orthodontic treatment

The Dental Bonding Procedure

Woman receiving dental bonding

After a consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Gorham to determine whether dental bonding is right for you, the procedure can typically be completed in just one appointment. First, one of our dentists numbs the treatment area to ensure you don’t feel any discomfort. We then apply an etchant material to the affected tooth’s surface. This creates deeper pits and grooves to which the composite resin can adhere. Next, we apply the resin layer by layer, seeping into the pits and grooves until the tooth is built up to perfection. Once in place, an ultraviolet curing light hardens the resin into position, forming a powerful bond with the tooth. Finally, we smooth and polish the tooth, leaving you with a flawless smile!

Benefits of Dental Bonding

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While no treatment is perfect for everyone, dental bonding provides a way for patients to improve their smiles quickly and affordably. Some of the numerous benefits of dental bonding include:

  • Cost-effective. Because bonding is usually completed in a single appointment using an affordable material, the treatment can fit into almost any budget.
  • Saved time. You won’t have to take time out of your schedule to book several appointments to follow up or replace temporaries.
  • Lasting bond. Composite resin bonds directly to the tooth, creating a bond that should last for several years.
  • Conservative treatment. We only need to remove a little, if any, enamel to place composite resin, allowing you to retain more of your natural tooth structure.

Are you interested in making your minor smile flaws disappear? Contact your dentist in Gorham and ask about dental bonding. It could be just the thing your smile needs to really shine!