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Will Your CEREC Crown Look Natural?

September 17, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — morganhill @ 1:38 pm

dental crowns in Gorham

For a while now, you’ve had one tooth that just looks stubbier than all the rest. It also looks just a bit discolored. You’d really like to get it fixed somehow, but you just don’t have the time to make two appointments with your dentist to get a crown made and placed. Did you know there’s actually a way to get a dental crown done in just one single appointment? Thanks to CEREC in Gorham, the crown process just got a whole lot easier. But will these crowns look natural? Continue reading to find out.

What Is CEREC?

CEREC, or CERamic REConstruction, allows your dentist to craft a custom dental crown for you in just a one-hour appointment. Normally, you have to wear a sometimes uncomfortable temporary crown for a few weeks before returning to the office for a second appointment to get your permanent placed. Not anymore, thanks to CEREC.

With regular crowns, the dentist would have to use sticky putty to take impressions of your prepped tooth to design the crown. CEREC, however, uses a tiny digital camera to take pictures of your tooth, and can craft the crown from there. Simply wait about an hour, and a durable, permanent crown is created.

Will My CEREC Crown Look Natural?

If anything, CEREC will look even more natural than a traditional crown would. It mimics tooth enamel perfectly, right down to the way that light bounces off it. This is because dental crowns in Gorham are made of all-ceramic materials that are custom shaded to match the rest of your teeth. Unless you go talking about how easy the whole process was, no one but you ever has to know you ever got a crown!

What Are the Other Benefits of CEREC?

CEREC offers several advantages that traditional crowns simply do not. These benefits include:

  • No need to cover your tooth in goop to take an impression of it
  • Eliminates the need to come into your dentist’s office for several different appointments to get your crown made and placed
  • Getting a CEREC crown takes about an hour
  • No need for temporary crowns
  • Made of thick, durable block of porcelain material so you can expect it to last for years to come

As you can see, your CEREC crown will look completely natural. Not only that, but it provides so many additional benefits as well. If you’re interested in getting a dental crown, ask your dentist if they offer CEREC.

About the Author

Dr. Ted Morgan has served people from Gorham and the greater Portland community for more than 45 years and counting. He achieved his doctorate at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry. His practice offers natural-looking CEREC crowns. If you’re interested, call Dr. Morgan and schedule an appointment by calling (207) 839-2655.

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